Dead Man’s Party, a tribute to Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman

DEAD MAN’S PARTY, the Oingo Boingo tribute band has been bringing you Boingo tunes LIVE – the way you remember ‘em from actual Oingo Boingo shows – for over 16 YEARS! This 8-PIECE BAND has been fashioned after the ORIGINAL OINGO BOINGO LINE-UP, featuring a THREE-PIECE HORN SECTION, GUITAR, BASS, KEYS, DRUMS and a front-man so convincing that people sometimes believe that they are actually watching DANNY ELFMAN himself!

“Boingo to me was the band that basically broke open the floodgates, to my interests in other dark, weird, and quirky music. And since discovering them over 20 years ago, I’ve been hard pressed to name another band as my all time favorite. The only one to tie them, is The Chameleons. With that said….

I think I was just extremely skeptical of a cover band being able to pull off these songs. But boy, was I mistaken! I have to give props to that whole crew! Every single one of them kicked ass, and knew those parts like the back of their hands. They even played super obscure, and fan favorite tracks. I heard about 15 of my favorite Boingo songs last night, all performed perfectly. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of their future shows!”
~Joshua P.

“Your show at the Music Box last night was off the hook. You’re freaking Danny Elfman reincarnate. Your timing, your voice everything spot on! I followed Oingo Boingo for years. Elfmans brilliant and what he does today surpasses all Boingo music. But now the world has both, the old Elfman in you and the brilliant composer Elfman of today! Thank you for resurrecting Oingo Boingo, in DeadMan’s Party.”
~Mickey H.